Tom Reese

Tom is an Environmental Advisor with hydrogeology expertise and a broad range of skills and valuable experience. His skills include technical expertise in environmental management, approvals, groundwater sampling, monitoring and analysis of data. Tom’s experience includes practical operational skills such as logistical support, contractor management and operation of heavy machinery. He is also very familiar with the application of best-practice safety systems within an operational context. Tom’s expertise and experience is applied in both large multi-disciplinary teams and working independently in remote locations. Tom is well adapted to applying his initiative and knowledge in providing efficient and effective environmental solutions for clients especially in the field of groundwater management, monitoring and analysis.

Career Summary

  • Advisor, Sustainability Pty Ltd, 2017 – Present
  • Site Supervisor, De Grey Mining, 2016
  • Dewatering Technician, BHPB Iron Ore, 2014
  • Field Hydrogeologist, BHP Iron Ore, 2011 – 2013
  • Environmental Officer, Mega Uranium, 2011
  • Geology Assistant, CSA Global, 2010


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Hydrogeology, University of WA Perth, 2013 – 2014
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) Environmental Management, University of Otago, 2006 – 2009

Core Skills and Expertise

Thanks to his broad industry experience Tom has obtained a unique set of technical and practical skills and expertise including:

  • Extensive knowledge of environmental sampling and monitoring techniques. Experience with water, air quality, soil, fauna and radiation sampling. Calibration and maintenance of sampling equipment.
  • Data analysis and QA/QC with ability to quickly identify trends and outliers. Developed, maintained and improved databases for large and small projects.
  • Drill program management including planning, logistics and rig supervision. Geological logging of drill samples, chips and core.
  • Hydrological sampling of airlift yields and initial well water quality. Hydrogeological testing. Bore, pump and aquifer testing experience.
  • Sample management including preparation, dispatch and handling chain of custody.
  • Microsoft Office Suite. Spatial information software including: GIS, Surfer and Vulcan.

Major Projects and Achievements

Site Supervisor, De Grey Mining, WA

  • Provided logistical support to a small exploration site. Successfully organised mobilisation of machinery and transportation and installation of fixed infrastructure.
  • Supervised and managed drill rigs and drilling contactors.
  • RC sampling, including sample dispatch and QA/QC.
  • Processed all diamond drill core: orientated the core, performed RQD, tested magnetic susceptibility, calculated density, cut core and sampled mineralised zones.
  • Provided technical assistance as required including data analysis and file management of project environmental and hydrogeological data.

Dewatering Technician, BHP Billiton, WA

  • Developed and implemented a training package for site hydrological monitoring provided to new team members.
  • Involved in rehabilitation of hydrocarbon contaminated areas and monitored nearby dewatering bores for potential impacts.
  • Performed health and safety risk assessment and mitigation during high risk operations including safety audits of other employees and contractors.
  • Aided rollout of company-wide environmental and hydrological database, merging isolated and esoteric site databases into a cohesive central database.

Field Hydrogeologist, BHP Billiton, WA

  • Maintained site legislative compliance. Improved compliance year-on-year by delivering on-time and accurate data. Ensured all data was quality controlled.
  • Investigated anomalous data for compliance against company and Australian standards. When required provided advice for remediation.
  • Generated reports for the company and government to track past and projected water abstraction and usage across the mine site.
  • Planned weekly hydrogeological requirements including generating target water levels in the mine and planning pump packages to achieve targets.

Environmental Officer, Mega Uranium, WA

  • Conducted monitoring and compliance of site environmental baseline data including air quality, water, soil and fauna.
  • Prepared and dispatched all samples requiring off site analysis, analysed all site and lab data.
  • Audited site exploration activities and prepared closure reports. Where required investigated and remediated environmental incidents.
  • Assessed and decontaminated all machinery coming on to or leaving site. Completed weed and seed and radiation monitoring reports.