Joshua Hall

In the role of Environment Advisor, Joshua has worked closely with resource industry stakeholders, providing a range of marine terrestrial monitoring, environmental risk assessment, project planning and reporting expertise. Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Marine Science and is passionate about environmental sustainability. Joshua has developed his expertise through assisting key Project Managers in the delivery of environmental outcomes for major local and international mining and oil & gas infrastructure development projects.

Joshua is a well-rounded environmental professional with an eagerness to learn, enthusiasm and exceptional team-working ability and communication skills.

Career Summary

  • Graduate Environmental Advisor, Sustainability, 2018 to present.
  • Environmental Maintainer, Sun peaks Resort Canada, 2017-18.


  • University of Western Australia - Bachelor of Science (BSc), Majoring in Marine Science and Environmental Science.
  • Canadian S-100 Basic fire suppression and prevention. S-185 Fire entrapment avoidance and safety.
  • PADI Open Water Dive Certificate.
  • Recreational Skippers Ticket.

Core Skills and Expertise

  • Practical implementation of environmental management systems and processes in the field.
  • On site planning, risk management, team work and implementation of Safe Work practices.
  • Knowledge, understanding and use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, organisation and analysis of geographic data.
  • Sample design, field sampling and measurement, statistical analysis and communication of scientific results.
  • Collection, analysis, interpretation and summary of data and information using statistical methods.

Major Projects - Sustainability

Hawthorn Resources, Development of the Coles Gold Project Mining Proposal and Mine Closure Plan

  • Created GIS maps for both the mining proposal and mine closure plan for the Coles Gold Project.The maps conveyed mine site location, disturbance areas, underlaying geological features, surface and groundwater features, land tenure, Aboriginal heritage, pastoral leases fauna and fauna, and project operations.

Hawthorn Resources, Dewatering Pipeline Works Approval

Support development of the Water Discharge Works Approval for the project including:

Liaising with Hawthorn to determine layout and discharge point for dewatering pipeline, land disturbance required for pipeline construction and operation.

  • Confirm permitting and compliance requirements including flora/flora and hydrogeological baseline studies
  • Design water quality baseline requirements for receiving environment
  • Creation of Fauna and Flora baseline representative of the project area.
  • Develop works approval documentation and submission of application
  • Liaison with DWER and other stakeholders and respond to DWER comments.

Toll’s Dampier Supply Base, Environmental & Marine Monitoring Program

Completed field work monitoring for annual marine and terrestrial monitoring program which included:

  • Bio sentinel oyster monitoring and water quality profiling at King Bay, Dampier:
    • Collection of oyster samples in King Bay, ensuring samples were not contaminated and data was recorded correctly
    • Water quality profiling at different sites throughout King Bay using YSI Pro DSS. Ensuring continuity at every site and manual recordings were completed in case of data loss
  • Completed the Annual Environmental Report, Annual Compliance report and WEMP after field work was completed and results were received.
  • Completed translocation approvals and updated budget sheets in preparation for the 2019 program

NewGen Power, Environmental Support Kwinana Gas Turbine Power Station License amendment

  • Consultations with Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and the Environmental Protection Authority discussing the project, gaps and scope of work.
  • Performed gap analysis to address Ministerial Statement amendments (Section 45c).
  • Managed information and document requests for known gaps
  • Completed amendments to the Stack Emission Monitoring Plan to compliment the changes to the Ministerial Statement
  • Completion of Section 45C submission required under EPA Actand submission to DWER
  • Developed stakeholder consultation letter.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TANAP), Independent Environmental and Social Consultant (IESC)

  • Assistant to the Project Manager in all aspects of the project to ensure on time submissions and quality.
  • Writing formal letters to TANAP contract holder requesting change to the contract regarding approval of key personnel changes on the project.
  • Compiling sections from different technical specialists into the one report for correct submission, ensuring consistent formatting.
  • Development of transmittal documents to notify TANAP of changes to documents
  • Project Administration to help coordinate the project, development of document register to assist technical specialists.

Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria (BRUA) Gas Pipeline, Due Diligence Monitoring

  • Undertook numerous different roles assisting Sustainability Project Director/Manager for the BRUA Due Diligence against International Financial Insttition Lender requirements (EBRD PRs)
  • Compiled the project monitoring visit report which included review, editing and formatting prior to submission.
  • Compiled photos from monitoring site visit into a photo register to reinforce evidence given in the monitoring visit report
  • Developed and managed a document register index
  • Completed document review which included: updating tables and providing a first revision of the documents, compilation of acronyms and abbreviations list.

Synergy Power Station, Environmental Review

  • Development of review tables for Synergy’s western Australian power stations and head office.
  • Ensuring amendments to any Licenses were included in the review tables to ensure compliance with all licenses.
  • Report writing to present the review findings to Synergy.