Dorj Barnuud

PhD (Environmental and Agricultural Science), MA (Environmental Management)

Dorj has both extensive qualifications and wideranging experience as an environmental practitioner. His PhD in Environmental and Agricultural Science and MA in Environmental Management, combined with his experience in both the government and private sector mean that he is ideally equipped to offer high level environmental consulting services.

Dorj’s fields of expertise include GIS solutions, climate change impact assessment, environmental policy, international environmental legislation, and environmental accounting and planning.


  • PhD in Environmental and Agricultural Science, Curtin University
  • MA in Environmental Management, The Australian National University
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Remote Sensing & GIS, Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and Pacific
  • Bachelor of Meteorology, Mongolian National University


  • Environmental Institute of Australian & New Zealand


  • Environmental Advisor, Sustainability Pty Ltd. Since August, 2012
  • GIS Officer, Department of Water, Western Australia, 2012
  • Research Associate, Curtin University, Western Australia, 2007 – 2011
  • Field Researcher, Diversity Sustainable Development Consultants, Western Australia, 2008
  • Policy Officer, Ministry of Environment, Mongolia, 2000 – 2003
  • GIS Officer, Land Cadaster Unit of Ministry of Environment, Mongolia, 1998 – 2000


Dorj’s core skills and expertise include:

environmental impact assessment, climate change impact assessment and modelling, environmental policy, lecturing and training in climate change and water management; statistical analysis; and GIS solutions – spatial data analysis, modeling and map making.


Projects worked

  • Core biodiversity monitoring and evaluation pilot project for Oyu Tolgoi (current). This project is aiming at developing pilot core Biodiversity and Evaluation program to track the Oyu Tolgoi project’s progress towards having a Net Positive Impacts on selected high value biodiversity species. Dorj is working on this project as coordinator providing logistics coordination, developing/consolidating all progress reports for submission, organizing meetings and following up progresses against scheduled plans.
  • IFC –South Gobi Water Training Module project. Dorj is in charge of developing and delivering pilot water training modules for various water use stakeholders including mining industry, government employees, and herders in the Southern Gobi Region of Mongolia.
  • Biodiversity impact assessment on Gashuun Sukhait road for Oyu Tolgoi LLC. This project evaluated biodiversity assessment for the impact of adding two road lanes to the existing mineral transport road. Dorj worked for this project as consultant
  • Biodiversity and Hydrological Assessments for Oyu Tolgoi Project. Dorj worked for this project as consultant reviewing the existing indicators of water extraction impact on ecological features in the project area and advised the project about gaps and improvements associated with water drawdown impacts.
  • ESIA Feedback Management and Coordination for Oyu Tolgoi project. Dorj worked for this project as Coordinator.