Colin Davies

With ten years of international industry and scientific experience and educated to MSc level, Colin has a wealth of diverse and versatile knowledge across a broad range of environmental industries including oil and gas, mining, scientific analysis and air pollution. With a background in a range of environmental positions, Colin has an excellent understanding of industry and operations.

In addition to this, Colin has been site based as the custodian of a variety of construction activities, managing all environmental aspects of linear infrastructure projects including natural gas pipelines such as the West Angelas and Cape Lambert Petroleum Pipelines, water bores and other infrastructure. Colin has been responsible for ensuring environmental compliance is adhered to and all regulatory deliverables and monitoring requirements are met. Colin was also the Principal Waste Specialist for Oyu Tolgoi Copper/Gold Mine in Mongolia.

Colin has experience in independent environmental auditing against compliance standards and compliance obligations including the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Performance Standards and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on Environmental and Social Sustainability.

Colin’s career includes several years in the UK working within the extremely specialised Dioxin and Furans chemical analysis sector.

Career Summary

  • Senior Environmental Advisor, Sustainability, Perth
  • Environmental Advisor, Environmental Strategies, Perth
  • Environmental Advisor, OSD, Perth
  • Environmental Advisor, OSD/Monadelphous, Western Australia
  • Environmental Analyst, SAL, UK


  • Master of Science, Environmental Management & Sustainable Development
  • Exemplar Global Lead Auditor Environment Cert.
  • Fauna qualifications

Core Skills and Expertise

Colin’s environmental scope of practice includes:

  • Environmental management
  • Environmental compliance & field monitoring
  • Sustainable development / sustainability
  • IFC, Equator Principles and EBRD environmental and social sustainability standards for project financing
  • Non-mineral waste management
  • Internal / external technical report writing
  • Developing EMPs and associated procedures
  • Rehabilitation and commissioning
  • Scientific investigations
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Air quality studies (Heavy metals, Ambient Air & OHS)
  • Environmental analysis (chemical analysis)
  • Project management
  • Flora and fauna management
  • Proposal writing
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Project management

A selection of Colin’s recent experience with Sustainability is provided below:

International Impact Assessment, Due Diligence and Auditing:

  • International Impact Assessment – Colin was part of the team which completed Environmental Due Diligence of TANAP Natural Gas Pipeline in Turkey against European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Performance Requirements.
  • Colin was the Environmental & OHS Specialist for Environmental and Social Due Diligence Monitoring for TANAP Natural Gas Pipeline in Turkey against European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Performance Requirements
  • Colin was the Project Manager for the Environmental and Social Due Diligence Monitoring of the Acacia Copper Mine in Kastamonu, Turkey against European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Performance Requirements


Oyu Tolgoi copper/gold mine - Waste Management

  • Colin was the Principal Waste Specialist for the Rio Tinto Oyu Tolgoi Copper/Gold Mine in Mongolia, tasked with identifying and assessing all non-mineral waste streams for surface and underground mine operations, identifying and providing solutions and recommendations for problematic waste streams, generating a waste forecast for surface and underground options, developing waste inventories and developing a long-term non-mineral waste management strategy including procedures.

Sainshand Wind Park Project – environmental and social monitoring

  • Colin provided principal review of environmental and social monitoring for the construction phase of the Sainshand Wind Park Project, Mongolia (25 wind turbine generators, 55 megawatt capacity) in accordance with the construction environmental and social management plan and international financial lender requirements such as EBRD and IFC. Monitoring review included air quality, noise, water, biodiversity, waste, hazardous material and pollution and social monitoring.


  • Colin conducted a peer review of Environmental and Social Environmental Management Plans for the offshore Shah Deniz natural gas platform Project in Azerbaijan (BP)
  • Completed Environmental Ministerial Statement Compliance Audits for mining Projects
  • Completed Ministerial Statement Compliance Audit for Ammonia Nitrate Plants (Yara)
  • Completed third party ISO 14001 EMS audits for mining projects;
  • Completed state-wide Clearing Permit Audits for Roads and Infrastructure Projects

ICMC Cyanide Code

  • Completed Compliance Scientific investigation – investigation to assess suitability of mill tailings as underground backfill (paste) on workers’ health and the environment (Code 4.6.3)

Contaminated Sites

  • Completed contaminated Sites remediation studies
  • Project managed site relinquishment study for MMA including site assessment, characterisation, sampling and tier 1 risk assessment
  • Project managed PSI for Progress Rail

Environmental Management/Compliance

  • Completed Environmental Legal Compliance Register development and reviews (Cliffs, Ashahi)
  • Completed environmental compliance and management review for air quality management at world’s first modular technical Ammonium Nitrate Plant (TAN Plant – Yara)
  • Dust management, approvals, EMS document development and review and project management for Hawthorn Resources (gold mining).


Major Projects, Achievements and Professional Experience

  • Successful completion of independent air quality study using lichens as biological indicators of traffic related air pollution across vast geographical environments (Manchester, UK)
  • Successful completion of 12-month air quality monitoring strategy for major natural gas constructions projects (Rio Tinto)
  • Generation and implementation of various project environmental procedures including Environmental Management Plans and monitoring procedures for natural gas pipeline projects
  • Successful commissioning of waste water treatment plant (WWTP) including spray field, final effluent and soil sampling and monitoring for a 150 man fly camp in the Pilbara
  • Successful completion of water bore strategy, ground water sampling and management of water use for dust suppression according to license approvals in the Pilbara. Colin worked in collaboration with Rio Tinto for licensing requirements and the submission of form 2 (completion of non-artesian well) and 5c (license to take surface water) forms
  • Authored approved clearing permits covering an 85KM CROW without single clearing breach on major natural gas pipeline (West Angelas)
  • Analysed high profile contaminated land, air and water samples for a range of pollutants including niche Dioxin and Furan samples, PAH and PCBs
  • Produced monthly NGER reports managing Greenhouse Gases and Hydrocarbons for major natural gas pipeline project (Rio Tinto)
  • Authored monthly and quarterly environmental reports encompassing all deliverables for West Angelas natural gas pipeline
  • Leading a team of 12 Indigenous Fauna Handlers to successfully complete daily trench inspections and relocate fauna
  • Successfully managed and tested Slurry Laboratory testing scope including rheology and corrosion analysis (FMG North Star iron ore, Xstrata Copper concentrate and tailings and Iluka Resources mineral sands)
  • Successfully managed and supervised hazardous testing scope in collaboration with CSIRO Perth (Worley Parsons – Centrex Bungalow Project)
  • Authored and implemented Slurry Laboratory Standard Operating Procedure and induction manuals

Specialist Consulting -
(Scientific Analysis: Persistent Organic Pollutants)

Working within the extremely specialised Dioxin and Furans chemical analysis division, Colin has sampled, managed and analytically tested high profile contaminated environmental samples including soils, fly ash, water, TRAP (stack emissions) and foods and feeds for persistent organic pollutants such as Dioxin, PCBs and PAH using different methods such as Soxhlet extractions, ASE, liq-liq for waters and column chromatography. With the nature of the samples analysed, Colin has exceptional chemical and specialised chemical analysis skills and possesses advanced levels of safety training from chemical handling to site awareness.