Alyson Vinciguerra

MBA, Bsc Env Health

Alyson (Aly) Vinciguerra is an experienced health and safety professional. Aly is experienced in the development and implementation of simplified, sustainable and scalable HSE management systems and improvement initiatives.

Aly’s career is not limited to health and safety, but also includes hygiene, quality assurance and training management positions. Aly is adaptable and has the ability to lead and motivate teams, particularly in the area of HSE management system development and the implementation of system improvement and training initiatives.

Career Summary

  • Manager- Health & Hygiene, BHP Billiton.
  • HSE Manager, DBP
  • HSE Manager, Alinta/WestNet Energy
  • Risk Manager, Hanson Construction Materials


  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Health
  • Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management
  • Master in Business and Administration (MBA)
  • Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Accredited user of DISC Model Systems
  • Internal Auditor Quality Assurance Services
  • Occupational Health and Safety Auditor
  • ICAM leader.
  • MORT Mishap

Core Skills and Expertise

  • Involved in the development, implementation and auditing of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.
  • Researched, developed and successfully implemented fitness for work programmes.
  • Conversant in the statistical analysis of incidents and the benefits of trend analysis in the development of risk management strategies.
  • Experience in leading, facilitating and participating in organisational risk assessments.
  • Experience in leading ICAM investigations following significant incidents.
  • Work well individually and within a team at all levels within an organisation.
  • Ability to develop and design HSE systems which addressed organisational risks.
  • Experience in the review and negotiation of worker’s compensation insurance

Major Projects & Achievements

Principal Adviser, Sustainability
Advanced Geomechanics facilitated operational risk assessment, developed and implemented HSE Management systems for compliance to oil and gas major construction project requirements.

Premier Coal facilitated traffic management risk management review, developed traffic management plan and associated procedures. Reviewed document management process. Reviewed service contract and developed assessment tool to enable self-monitoring of compliance.

DJ McCormick developed HSE Management systems for compliance with AS.
Westrac – developed and delivered training and awareness package for injury management and classification.

Mawson West developed corporate HES Management standards.

Yara Pilbara undertook numerous ICAM investigations following significant incidents, , developed packages, developed and implemented Take 5, reviewed, developed HES training needs analysis, developed smoke free policy, reviewed and updated HES risk analysis tools, D&A testing, contractor management, security management and PTW, working at heights, and hot work processes.

Manager of Health & Hygiene, BHP Billiton

  • Report directly to the Head of Health and Safety leading a team of 32.
  • Restructure, rationalisation of centralised Health and Hygiene Function.
  • Develop service level agreements supported by aligned role profiles.
  • Develop Health and Hygiene policies, programs and business plans with the objective of establishing a clear consistent and scalable Health and Hygiene process.
  • Led, organise and provide direction for employees and contractors to ensure outstanding health and safety performance is achieved.
  • Facilitate organisational risk assessment processes for the identification and control material health risks.
  •  Develop management strategies and implement initiatives which support the growth of the business.
  • Manage strategic health and safety activities to meet business needs.
  • Develop and maintain positive & productive relationships with all internal and external clients and contractors and regulators.
  • Develop and review HSE budget.
  • Coach and mentor staff members.
  • Ensure effective management of Health and Hygiene resources.
  • Develop, implement and monitor Business Plan to achieve corporate and strategic goals.

HSE Manager, DBP/Westnet Energy.

  • Developed HSE policies, programs and business plans with the objective of improving HSE performance to assist in the achievement of a sustainable zero harm culture.
  • Led, organised and provided direction for employees and contractors for outstanding health and safety performance.
  • Work with technical compliance to ensure the Safety Cases (Operations and Construction) are current, relevant and meaningful to employees.
  • Developed and implemented effective injury and claims management process.
  • Developed and maintained positive & productive relationships with all internal and external clients and contractors and regulators.
  • Facilitated organisational risk assessment processes for the identification and control of project and corporate HSE risks
  • Facilitated the development and implementation of organisational Zero Harm Principles for high risk activities.
  • Oversaw investigation and liaised with legal representatives and regulator following significant incidents.
  • Developed HSE management strategies and implement initiatives which support the growth of the business.
  • Developed, implemented and reviewed the Health and Safety management system, associated audits and certification correspond with the HSE Business Plan.
  • Managed strategic health, safety, and environmental activities to meet business needs.
  • Liaised with relevant government authorities with regard to the Clearing Regs and oversaw establishment of process to ensure compliance with obligations.

Risk Manager- Hanson Construction Materials

  • Identified and developed Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental strategies for the control and management of identified business risks.
  • Liaised with members of the public and government authorities to facilitate necessary environmental and planning approvals for major quarrying operations.
  • Worked closely with legal and media representatives to assist a successful outcome of pending litigation
  • Designed and implemented ongoing review of health and safety systems.
  • Developed and coordinated the successful implementation and ongoing maintenance of a fitness for duty programme covering random drug and alcohol testing, health assessments, EAP (Employee Assistance Programme), fatigue management and health and wellbeing
  • Designed and implemented equal employment opportunity process through the establishment of EEO contact officers, EEO committee and annual EEO action plan
  • Conducted audit and review compliance of operations against organisational and government requirements
  • Identified organisational competency and training requirements and coordinate suitable strategies to address identified gaps
  • Managed and coordinated effective injury management processes including communication with medical professionals, rehabilitation providers and Insurance Company representatives
  • Analysed incident statistics and identified trends to determine suitable control strategies
  • Reviewed and assessed available safety behaviour programmes with the intention to implement a national behaviour based safety programme suitable to the industry