Sustainability’s Environment Team Welcomes New Starters

Sustainability’s environment team has welcomed two new starters in 2017 – Colin Davies and Tom Reese.

Colin has joined Sustainability as a Senior Advisor with nine years of industry and scientific experience.  He has a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development and a wealth of diverse and versatile experience across a broad range of environmental industries.  These include oil and gas, mining, scientific analysis and air pollution, with experience in a range of environmental positions.  Colin has an excellent understanding of industry and operations and his career includes several years in the UK working within the extremely specialised Dioxin and Furans chemical analysis sector.

Tom has joined Sustainability as an Advisor with environmental expertise is in hydrogeology. His skills include technical expertise in environmental management, approvals, groundwater sampling, monitoring and analysis of data.  He has experience in practical operational skills such as logistical support, contractor management and operation of heavy machinery and is also very familiar with the application of best-practice safety systems  within an operational context.  Tom’s expertise and experience has been gained working in both
large multi-disciplinary teams and independently in remote locations.  Tom is well
adapted to applying his initiative and knowledge in providing efficient and effective environmental solutions for clients, especially in the field of groundwater management, monitoring and analysis.

See our People page for Colin and Tom’s detailed profiles.

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