Laos Miners Safer

Development of safety knowledge and improving skills is always a focus of international mining companies as they work with locals to ensure safe and efficient operations. The challenge for Phu Bia Mining Ltd was to provide baseline knowledge for their 12 local safety advisors whom, to that point, had no formal training in Occupational Health and Safety or risk.

Sustainability worked with Phu Bia to develop a staged program of delivery based on the Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety and, in delivering this training, Sustainability faced the challenges of: –

  • English language competency.
  • The absence of strong control from the regulator.
  • Limited knowledge of the legislative framework.
  • A lack of formal safety education.
  • A strong dependence on Expat safety expertise.

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Sustainability developed a ‘fit for purpose’ approach that ensured the training was contextualised and designed with a practical foundation involving ‘in the field’ training and mentoring. Sustainability used the Australian Cert IV in WHS as the basis for the training and tailored the course for local requirements, and used face to face presentations, exercises and homework to drive learning, with extensive use of repetition to ensure understanding.

The result was a high level of commitment from the participants resulting in positive learning outcomes brought about through the strong relationship between Sustainability and Phu Bia.